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Coaster 02: Delicate Butterflies

Delicate Butterflies

The diverse patterns, colours and shapes of butterflies can be found on this collection of coasters. Occasionally accompanied by an observing garden bird and delicate cherry blossoms. You can spot the blue Morpho, the Malachite, the Leopard Lacewing and more.

Available size

  • 10x10 cm

Image transfer onto tumbled limestone tiles with rounded edges, protected by a satin varnish against stains, liquids and heat. A cork backing prevents surfaces of being scratched. The ink stamp on the back is permanent and waterproof, to prevent ink transfer.

Care Information

  • wipe gently with damp cloth or soft sponge when stained or wet

  • keep cork backing dry, do not soak in water

  • not dishwasher safe

Artwork & Design by Anna-Maria Pellegrini.

Printed & Finished in London (UK).