AMPellegrini Art & Design
Printed textiles • Nature illustrations • Homeware accessories



Anna-Maria Pellegrini is a London based designer-maker of German and Italian descent with a passion for printed textiles, nature illustrations and homeware products.

During her Master studies in Textile Design at UAL’s Chelsea College of Arts in 2016/2017, she fell in love with designing soft furnishings, upholstery and illustrating the natural world.
Anna-Maria mainly draws inspiration from the nature surrounding her and creates storytelling designs, that reflect the biodiversity on our planet. At the beginning of each project she likes to go on photographic research trips - whether that is to the Natural History Museum, botanical gardens or simply one of London’s many parks - which creates the basis for her storyline.

Her style is characterised by a great attention to detail in both her illustrative paintings and the design layouts, bold colour contrasts and deeply layered compositions that invite you to discover every little detail.

All designs and products are made by Anna-Maria herself which enables her to ensure a high level of quality. She aims to keep close contact with her suppliers and manufacturers and chooses to work with local/UK based companies only, to be sure all elements are sourced and produced ethically.

A variety of designs is currently available on stone coasters, giclée prints, tote bags and cushions. Ideal as a gift for a special someone, or to bring colour and nature into your own home.